A Fairytale Themed Wedding

As kids, we dream about our happy endings a lot. We watch Disney movies and we read fairytales. We dream about living in castles and we dream about defeating the dragons and being heroes. We dream about being successful. And most importantly, we dream about getting married. Most of our wedding are inspired by the movies we watch and the bedtime stories our parents tell us. Most of our dream wedding feature princes and princesses, castles, horses, fairies and animals that talk. As we grow up, the dreams become silly but the dream of getting your happy ending doesn’t fade away. We all want that fairytale ending we dreamed of. We all yearns for a happily ever after. That innocence of our dreams still remains in our hearts. If you’re someone who wants that nostalgia and to make your fairytale finally come true, you can have a fairytale themed wedding. All you need is a proper plan.

The Location and Decorations

You don’t have to find a castle to have your fairytale wedding. You don’t need to find a forest either. You can choose the beach as your wedding location still and have a fairytale themed wedding. All you have to do is be smart. You can start with researching wedding venue businesses. They offer different types of venues. You can choose the perfect place for your wedding from all the unique wedding venues, they offer. What makes a venue magical is the decorations. Research about what type of decorations should be at fairytale themed weddings. Write down your own ideas in a piece of paper. If you want a Cinderella themed wedding, you can use glass prominent decorations. Flowers are a must in a wedding and especially a fairytale themed wedding. Write down your ideas and google search. Take inspiration from them.

Food and Beverages

Food you offer at your wedding can make your fairytale even more magical if done right. You have to stick to the theme with your food too. You can take inspiration from your venue for the food. For an example if you’re looking for rustic wedding venues, you can have strawberries scattered on a table and you can have a beautiful chocolate fountain next to it to make it match your fairytale theme. Deciding on beverages can be tricky, however, if you can make them in pretty colors, your problem is solved. They can be served in mason jars with quotes from your favorite fairytale movies. Continue reading this article to find out more about rustic wedding venues in Victoria.

Invitations and Designs

Invitations are a big part in a wedding. You have to design it in a way that brings out the magical happily ever after vibe. You can mention your fairytale theme in your invitations. These days, you can be really creative with the invitations. You can make them sing, you can make them explode or you can choose emailing as the way you send out your invitations. Keep your fairytale theme in mind when you plan the design.

Tips To Plan The Best Wedding Budget Ever

Planning your wedding can be so exciting, joyful and also stressful. Why stressful? There are so many things you need to look into, prices you need to breakthrough, search for better alternatives that will fit your expensive price tags and also budgeting. Budgeting can be one of the most challenging things in your wedding lists. There are so many things you want to still add to the list but you need to keep them on hold because you still don’t have the enough dollars to spend for the expenses. Things like this are very common. But also remember, the correct budget will help you to save your day or even break your day. So, you want to make the day special, no doubt about that.This is why we collected some of the things you need to follow when you are making your wedding budget. Just adding a bunch of costs will not work. Take a look!

Which type of wedding would you like to have?

The whole thing will depend on this question. If you want to celebrate the dream wedding you have been planning for years and years in your mind, then it is important that you make it the base of all the wedding planning. For an example, if you want to have a more retro formal wedding then, from the invitation cards to the wedding table centrepieces your style needs to flow smoothly. Or if you want to have a trendy one in an urban area then, picking a suitable location, dresses, color codes and other details are important. So, your budget will depend on the type of wedding you want to have. A grand wedding will be quite costly compared to a small quiet affair.

Do your research

You can’t make a clear decision about things if you don’t do your research properly. Your research will help you identify better solutions, help you to collect more inspiration on similar weddings, help you to find wedding vendors and so much more. So, if you want to be creative and get an idea about the ongoing prices then, you really need to spend some time and do your research. Now, if you don’t have time, all you need is to check for a good wedding planner that will do the research for you and help you to find vendors. They will also help you to make the budget and find better alternatives for the costly ones. 

Things that top the list

This can be anything. You and your partner need to write down some of the things that should be prioritized on your big day. It doesn’t have to be the same thing. Several different ideas will help you both be on track for the planning and budgeting while it reveals the things you like on your wedding and what you don’t like to miss.