The Deadliest Aviation Disasters In History

There have many aviation disasters over the years. Some have been more fatal than others. These disasters have also help improve airplane safety considerably. You are more likely to die from a car crash than an air disaster. This is because there are more deaths resulting due to car crashes than air disasters. Here is a list of the most infamous aviation disasters that have occurred over the years.

Tenerife airport disasterThe Tenerife airport disaster is the deadliest disaster in aviation history. It has the highest number of deaths than any other aviation disasters. The accident occurred on 27th March , 1977. Two Boeings 747 collided on the runaway. The accident occurred due to a miscommunication and all aboard the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines perished. Flight Pan Am had 335 casualties out of the 396 people aboard. The total death toll stood at 583. Disasters such as this have resulted in changes in airline safety and regulations. These include making English the common working language, penalizing pilots for disobeying air traffic laws and certain phrases only be spoken during limited scenarios.

Japan airline flight 123This is known as the deadliest single airplane accident in history and the second deadliest aviation accident. The accident happened on August 12, 1985 when an in-flight structural failure resulted in the plane crashing. The in-flight structural failure occurred because of improper repairs done seven years earlier. Death toll stood at 505. There were four survivors in the crash. Many changes were made to regulation after the crash to improve safety. Further aircraft maintenance was improved to ensure safety by aircraft maintenance, know more at

Charkhi Dadri mid-air collisionThe accident occurred on the 12th of November 1992 when a Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 collided mid-air with Kazakhstan Airlines Ilyushin. The crash killed everyone aboard both planes bringing the total casualties number to 349. It is the world’s deadliest mid-air collision and the third deadliest aviation disaster. The collision was caused by pilot error on the Kazakhstan Airlines airplane. The Kazakhstan Airlines flight pilot’s English language skill was lacking and descended the plane more than what was required. Thereafter there were many changes made to the airport such as the separation of outbound and inbound airplanes through the creation of air corridors, installation of secondary air traffic radar for airplane altitude monitoring and airborne collision avoidance system for all aircrafts.

These accidents have overall improved aviation safety standards and regulations. Improvements have been made in all fronts such as improved maintenance, efficient air traffic controlling, thoroughly tested aircraft parts and better communication.There have been other aviation disasters but none as devastating and deadly as the Tenerife airport disaster, crash of Japan Airlines flight 123 and Chakhri Dadri mid-air collision.